It’s nothing personal.

It’s nothing personal.

Being a human isn’t that bad… At least you got to keep your pink hair.

At least.

Being a human isn’t that bad… At least you got to keep your pink hair.

At least.

Yes, I’ve come to realize that.

And at least you’re being considerate… Because, no, I’m not alright.

WHAT?! NO! NO, I’M NOT GOING TO ENJOY MY THUMBS! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you! You’re loving every single SECOND of this!

Magic Anon, I swear to you, once my power is returned and recovered—


[ After much struggling in trying to put them on… ]


…Well… least the users and, of course, dear Alice, are showing some sort of mercy. … How in the world do you humans walk on these things?

Awful? ..Just… Awful? This is beyond awful.THIS IS A TWISTED, SADISTIC, NIGHTMARE THAT’S BECOME REALITY! Don’t. Insult. Me.

Are you just content that you’re not the one who changed form unwillingly? And me having turned into this… UGLY shape! ….

One of Them

You have NO magic! No POWER! NOTHING! Do you HEAR ME?! Nothi—!!

…Handsome and sophisticated was what you really meant to say, yes? Well, yes, yes I am.

That I have, actually, and quite frankly I wasn’t amused one bit.

It took me off guard, I have to admit. Considering the fact that I haven’t dealt with something with that much power, nor did I know that such a thing existed within these Tumblr walls. ( But I guess anything is possible. I’m here. )

Quite uncreative, too, with just being a bit fluffier than I normally am. But there is one thing that’s for certain. Once I get my claws on the face of that Magic!Anon, they will get what they deserve to tease me.